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Books for Older Children and Teenagers

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Short Stories for Older Children

Short stories for older children

ISBN 9781906442729

Teenage and young adult

It is easy to think that the reality we know is the only one. But the galaxy is immense and full of other possibilities. There are also dimensions where existence is not tangible for its inhabitants. We would call them ghosts.


Short Stories: Fantasy, Fiction and Horror

ISBN 978-1906442347

Short Stories: Fantasy, Fiction and Horror

Teenage and young adult

Reality can more astounding than fantasy, and often unfurls a mysterious tendril to draw in the unsuspecting person. Encounters with troglodytes in a crypt, fluorescent honey and the house that goes to the ultimate extreme to get rid of its inhabitants, can happen.


Short Stories, Sinister Tales for Teens

Sinister Tales for Teens

ISBN 978-1906442521

Teenage and young adult

Don't look now because the clown from Hell is right behind you, the smog is melting people away into another dimension, and monsters roam the golf course. Your friendly, helpful smartphone could be the portal to Purgatory and that mysterious toyshop holds a secret to turn the toughest teenage mind. Not suitable for younger children.


Glee machine

ISBN 978-1906442057

The Glee Machine

12 plus, 20,000 words

The Glee Machine can conjure up every fantastic world you could want to visit. It also conjures up murderous gargoyles that want to suck your mind dry.  

Available as a download (text only) paperback


Different Dragons

Different Dragons

ISBN 978-1906442064

8 plus, 15,600 words

Everyone has dragons.
Charlie is best friends with his. Mandy doesn’t recognise hers until she loses her spaceship. The only way to travel in the universe of the imagination is by dragon.

Green Fingers

ISBN 978-1906442101

Green Fingers

Mid teens, 28,750 words

There is a strange glow in Penny’s greenhouse.
She knows how to grow every flower, fruit and vegetable you can name, and perhaps even ones that come from another planet.

The Kybion

kybion by jane palmer

ISBN 978-1906442170

Teenagers & Adults (text only) 52, 000 words

First published as The Watcher by The Women's Press (UK)

The planet Ojal has been invaded. A mysterious vampire force has almost sucked dry the energy pools on which the Ojalie depend. Controller Opu is charged with finding a solution. Breaking Galactic law and coping with severe childcare problems, her search ultimately leads to Earth where the characters involved are not all what they seem. There is an unnervingly independent student, two sinister spiritualists, a bullet-proof black policeman, and a youthful watcher apparently over a hundred years old.

short stories for older and not quite so old children

ISBN 978-1906442255

Short Stories for Older,

and not quite so Old, Children

(With illustrations)

15,000 words

Tales about sticky confectionary, talking fish, restless gargoyles, mysterious magical eggs in the depths of space, a reasonable giant rat, worlds made with words and worlds drowned in rivers of chocolate… (Some suitable for adults as well.)