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Short SF Stories

Dimensions of Dread and Delight

ISBN 9781906442866

There are unsuspected solutions to life's conundrums, from the mundane to extraordinary, some reassuring, others terrifying. Existence has its own odd way of balancing out options for the deserving and undeserving, and extraordinary alternatives are just an unguarded glance away.

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Brassica Park

ISBN 978-1906442736

Brassica Park
Science Fiction     new

The Earth is no longer fit for humans, the Planet Dweller is no longer one entity, and humankind are now dinosaurs. Which is what would be expected after the meddling of two superbeings who never quite got the hang of mortality, although secretly aspiring to it. And there is also this dodo, and an intergalactic criminal in a pretty frock.

The final book in the Planet Dweller series.

Moss by jane palmer


ISBN 978-1906442330

First Chapter

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116 Pages

Fiction     new
The evidence of a fabulous ancient past is about to be lost forever with the death of an enigmatic recluse. The last people to witness this mysterious civilisation's power were blown up by an explosion that baffled and alarmed the authorities who attempted to commit its existence to oblivion.

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300 pages


ISBN 978-1906442323

Fantasy     new

Ever detected an element of ogre in that unkempt lout lounging on a park bench with a can of light ale, or insubstantial wraith in the girl twittering inanities into her mobile phone? This is probably because those alter egos exist in the depths of Darkle Deeps or magical realm of Lustreland; a dimension where griffins, rocs and dragons soar over a domain on the verge of being devoured by a monstrous entity deep below it. This also comes as quite a shock to a bombastic bass baritone and sagacious hotel owner with a mission to bring down an international conspiracy.

Tales for technophobes



ISBN 978-1906442309

First Story

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116 Pages

Science Fiction     new
For those who view with deep suspicion the tyranny of unrelenting technological advance … and those who do not have the need to take their science fiction too seriously.

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ISBN 978-1906442293

sweet and sour short stories
Fiction     new

The bonds people forge can be glorious, everlasting and filled with devotion. All too often they are problematic and dogged by regrets. Many more are not what they seem. Devotion to a lost partner is one thing, devotion to the long dead quite another, and an orang-utan with a sweet tooth can be more appreciative than the family everything has been sacrificed for.

Duckbill Soup



ISBN 978-1906442248

First Chapters

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175 Pages

Science Fiction     new
Human civilisation has been moved to Titan. It is now in a synchronous orbit on the opposite side of the Sun with the Earth, where all the animals have been left to their own devices.
Titan has no oceans, so when the atmosphere starts to deteriorate, the two shape-changing super-beings who caused the problem in the first place are sent back to rectify things. Can they make matters even worse?
Read on …

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255 pages


ISBN 978-1906442217

Hunder by Jane Palmer
Science Fiction     new

Hunder is petulant, moody and prone to tantrums. He is also the bio computer that controls intergalactic travel and moves worlds. When God arrives, his mood doesn’t improve, but the Supreme Deity is more interested in annihilating Hunder’s mysterious communicator, Ansopha, “spawn of the Devil”. So the Devil enlists the help of retired photojournalist, Gladys Hodge, winter resident at Beachview in Brinton-on-Sea. The small seaside town is never quite the same again.

Moving Moosevan


ISBN 978-1906442200

First published by The Women's Press (UK)

Science Fiction       (Reviews)

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188 Pages

Moosevan has been moved to a new planet. She didn't want to go, but the machinations of the empire building Mott, Kulp and his cronies and Dax and Reniola, cosmic super intelligences, ensured its destruction.
Moosevan now lives inside the Earth, moving land masses, soaking up pollution, making deserts fertile, and adding interesting twists to motorways.
Unfortunately, the maniacal Mott androids and Kulp have now turned their attention to the Earth. Even worse, Dax and Reniola are sent to deal with them: as one is obsessed with terraforming neighbouring planets, and the other with chintz curtains, the planet dweller is in for another rough, cosmic ride.

First Chapters

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238 pages


ISBN 978-1906442187


Bald Wendy, fiction

Fiction  new

A fire destroys the last business standing in the way of a new shopping mall development. Preston Niblock’s wife also dies in the fire and, as the shock wears off, he uncovers the frightening truth about Palace Parade. The developers, Gideon, stand to lose too much if it gets out, so Preston is bribed and blackmailed into keeping quiet.
The local shops put out of business by the shopping mall have no intention of going quietly and gather the support of a crusading councillor, brilliant accountant, and the backing of Preston’s ill gotten millions.
What could go wrong?

The Kybion


ISBN 978-1906442170

First published by The Women's Press (UK) as


Science Fiction     (Reviews)

First Chapters

198 Pages

The planet Ojal has been invaded. A mysterious vampire force has almost sucked dry the energy pools on which the Ojalie depend. Controller Opu is charged with finding a solution. Breaking Galactic law and coping with severe childcare problems, her search ultimately leads to Earth where the characters involved are not all what they seem. There is an unnervingly independent student, two sinister spiritualists, a bullet-proof black policeman, and a youthful watcher apparently over a hundred years old.

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ISBN 978-1906442163

Supernatural/Fantasy new


Aton Bird

Ahmose is the menial priest who looks after the menagerie at the temple of Amon Ra. He is also a secret devotee of the Aton. The vengeful Ra transforms him into a golden bird, damned to live forever and only incarnate into a man for a few days every five centuries.
During the bird’s wandering, the curse of Ra is drawn down onto those Ahmose encounters. The alchemists, Helen Maat and Dinan, and the soldier, Gerard Jorden, are also condemned to immortality.



ISBN 978-1906442095

Science Fiction       (Review)



First Chapters

203 Pages

Aliens from another dimension are abducting humans. Severing the link could destroy both worlds.

The solution is in the hands of a six-foot, purple septuagenarian with a bad attitude and agenda of her own.


First Chapters

213 pages

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Babel's Basement


ISBN 978-1906442071

Science Fiction  (Reviews)

Previously published by Swift Publishers as THE DRUNE

The direct descendent of a carnivorous dinosaur has returned to claim the Earth. Commander Pyg sets up her base in the ancient subterranean Ossiane Empire. Nothing can stop her exterminating the human race apart from an eccentric geologist, sceptical science master, and a few surviving Ossianes.
And none of them know about the comet on collision course with the Earth.

  Planet Dweller by Jane Palmer


ISBN 978-1906442408

First Chapters

Science Fiction

173 Pages

First published by The Women's Press (UK)

Diana is a middle-aged, single mother, and hears
a voice in her head.
The voice belongs to Moosevan, an immense entity who inhabits a distant planet. Her world is threatened and she wants Diana’s help, but everyone puts the voice down to the menopause.
Yuri believes her, though he usually drunk in charge of a ten inch reflector and has a bizarre theory about the movement of the asteroids.
Then two cosmic intelligences decide to help. They may understand the Universe; unfortunately the behaviour of mere mortals is beyond them.

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Snapshots of a Seaside Town

Quirky, splendid, in state of flux, there is nowhere quite like Folkestone. An album of photographs selected from the website of some places the visitor may not have had chance to see.

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